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Windex Original Glass Cleaner (128 fl. oz. Refill + 32 fl. oz. Trigger)

Image of Windex Original Glass Cleaner (128 fl. oz. Refill + 32 fl. oz. Trigger)

Enjoy America's favorite glass cleaner in a convenient bulk packaging with Windex® Original Glass Cleaner (128 oz. Refill + 32 oz. Trigger). This pack includes a classic Windex spray bottle and a large refill jug to provide you with a seemingly-endless arsenal of glass cleansing power.

About Windex Original Glass Cleaner
Thanks to its unique ammonia-D formulation, Windex has earned a reputation as the best glass cleaner available, making windows and glass surfaces shine, removing fingerprints and other debris and giving surfaces a streak-free finish.

Is This Windex Glass Cleaner Pack Economical?
Yes! This excellent bulk purchase provides plenty of Windex window cleaner for tons of cleaning tasks at home and for commercial use. With a combined amount of over 150 oz. of Windex Original Glass Cleaner for one low price, this is a great value whether you use Windex daily, weekly or sporadically.

Can Windex Original Glass Cleaner Clean Other Items?
Yes! Windex is incredibly versatile and does more than clean common glass surfaces and windows. Here are some others way to use Windex Original Glass Cleaner:

Degrease pots, pans, kitchen fans and oven range hoods by using Windex glass cleaner. Its special ammonia-D formula cuts through grease fast and of course leaves items clean and streak-free.
Use as an eraser for whiteboards to easily remove all traces of dry erase marker stains.
After emptying your cat's litter tray, spray it down with Windex and wipe clean for extra cleansing power and increased freshness.
Use a microfiber cloth and Windex glass cleaner and gently wipe down your cell phone's glass screen to keep it clean and streak-free.
Add a few squirts of Windex to the ledges of open windows during the summertime for an effective insect repellent.